Top mobile games released in 2020 and 2021

2020 was the year of great heights for the gaming world. It was the year when gaming became famous on smartphones, the game producers started designing games that were compatible with smartphones. Finding a game on the play store is not that great deal but finding the one that will really fascinate you is something that is difficult to hunt. We have made it easy for you by jotting some of the top games released in 2020 which is still remarkable in the market. Most of the games are free and some may cost you some penny which is worth the experience if you are a game fanatic.

So here we go-

Games released in 2020

  • Alto’s Adventure.

This game pictures a mountain village that is filled with adventure. It takes you on an endless snowboarding odyssey. It takes you through the beautiful alpine hills and ancient woodland. The scenery is mesmerizing with amazing day and night transition. One would never find snowboarding so relaxing at such a high speed as it is in Alto’s Adventure. It is available on IOS as well as Android. A must-have game on your smartphone.

PUBG Mobile.

Who won’t be familiar with this epic game, all around we find people engrossed and talking on their smartphone while playing this game? Player Unknown Battleground is a free shooting game that abandons you on an island with a group of people and in the end, it is about who finally survives the battle. It gives you a realistic feeling of being on a battleground. This is one of the most famous games on smartphones which runs very well. It is available on IOS and android.

  • Alto’s Odyssey.

Like the Alto’s Odyssey, this game too hypnotizes you with the beautiful landscapes. It makes you discover the endless desert. It gives you a full pack adventure journey with dunes, thrilling canyons, and long-hidden temples. You will enjoy and experience all this doing sandboarding and for sure it will be worth your time. It is available on both IOS and android.

Shadowgun Legends.

It is one of the best shooting games available on the play store. It gives us a story that takes you into a world where humanity is under threat from a deadly alien invader. The only defense they have is the Shadowguns, and as you start the journey you are the hero of the game. So don’t wait and download it play the best FPS shooter game. One can also interact with online players and be social. So go and get this game on IOS and Android.

  • Iron Marine.

It brings you into a science fiction world. It pictures a number of heroes who are trained to deal with the hardest battle. One will have to attack others and train all of them and equip them with weapons. It is available on IOS and android and it is a paid game.

Games released in 2021

  • New 3d sniper Arena target shooting game
  • New Sniper shooting 2019.
  • Modern sniper shooting gun expert.
  • Xtreme Racing 2019.

These were again some of the top games released in 2021 available on IOS and android. All of us are fond of shooting game as it gives us the opportunity to become a hero in the virtual world.

These were some of the very famous and interesting games released in 2020 and 2021. And now as you know them all it’s your chance to go and download each one of them.